Last week I attended an event called NerdCamp. It was a gathering of bibliophiles that have connected through Twitter and a blog called The Nerdy Book Club. It was presented in a new model of professional development known as EdCamp. The premise is that the topics and presentations will be decided by the actual attendees at the beginning of the day. This model is creeping up all over the country within the education field. It seems to be a continuation of the crusade to help students choose their own learning and therefore improve their engagement and buy in. As an adult this was a great experience and terrific fun. I have never had so much fun meeting new people and yammering about everything books.
I have included 2 blogs that have pictures and a better description of what went on: Reading, Teaching, Learning and Teach Mentor Texts
Needless to say, I have returned home completely motivated to share books and reading and books and reading clubs and books and reading Nerds!

Nerdy Book Club

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