2014 Mock Newbery Book Club

I am so excited to kick off this new book club at Banting Elementary School in Waukesha, WI Wednesday we had our first meeting and there were 20 students and 8 teachers/parents that joined us. To all my “Nerdy Book” friends I must admit it made my heart race to put 28 books into eager hands. I want to thank all the students who patiently took their second choices and agreed to wait for the next round to grab their favorites. I hope that many of the participants check out this blog for updates so I will include some links here that I suggested at the meeting on Wednesday.
On my bookshelf on Goodreads.com under Mock Newbery 2014 I will keep a current list of all the books we are going to try to review before January. Click here.
For those interested here is a link to the American Library Associations Newbery site: ALA Newbery

I hope everyone is enjoying their new books so far. OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 16, 12:00-12:45 IN MRS. BARLOW’S ROOM.

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