“Bring On The Books” by Donalyn Miller

My grown boys like to use the phrase “bro-mance” which I think is a Seinfeld reference. Well I have a confession to make….I am having a some sort of “…mance” with author/teacher/superhero, Donalyn Miller. I loved her first book titled, The Book Whisperer, and faithfully followed her blog of the same title. Then she joined forces with Colby Sharp and Cindy Minnich to create and nurture The Nerdy Book Club . My life will be forever changed by the creation these three genius teachers have given the reading world. Their open-hearted approach to community building and expertise sharing could possibly be the solution to world peace!! You think I exaggerate but I am serious!

These three travel the country sharing at teacher and reading conferences, they travel the world through their website and twitter. They bring wonderful authors, speakers, teachers, readers, life-long learners to my coffee klatch every morning. Are you starting to get the extent of this “…mance”?

So this morning I wanted to introduce you to my friends. In her continued effort to share, Donalyn Miller posted this presentation on slideshare, of exciting new literature for 2014: “Bring on the books”

I shared just a couple of these on my last post but I can see I need to get busy. I hope that some of my Mock Newbery Club followers will check out what Donalyn sees for the future of 2014 reading.

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